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Launching a Blog: What You Need to Know

28th May 2017 By mwilson

Successfully launching a blog takes so much more work that most realize. After a few months of writing, design, and development, we finally launched the ECOGARD — Fresh Ideas blog! And, I definitely have a much better appreciation for what it takes to go live and be successful.

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5 Keys to Online Portal Success

28th May 2017 By mwilson

One feature that our survey data this year indicated that we lacked, is an online portal for our distributor customers. In fact, one of the things we’ve lacked at ECOGARD for quite some time is solid national marketing support. We do a great job with producing content, we’ve been doing more video lately, and we’re always supporting the field sales efforts of our reps as best we can.

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Agile Marketing In The Automotive Aftermarket

18th May 2017 By mwilson

There are a ton of great use cases for agile marketing campaigns in the automotive aftermarket. Earlier this year our product development team identified cabin air filters as a critical product category for IPC’s business growth. This is a product type that had really been underachieving in the aftermarket and we saw a huge opportunity for growth.
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